I am a development worker and journalist. I work with evaluation, coordination and formulation of development projects and media projects, investigations, print and web media, translation, courses and delegations. Olanchito, Honduras

My main experience is with Central American social movements – farmers, Maya, trade union, children – and independent media projects in Denmark. Since 2012 I have been gaining experience in Ghana and Uganda, working with the Danish Association of the Disabled (DHF).

My work is guided by the logic of popular participation: participatory project design and management, self management, learning by doing, grass roots media.

I also do translations: SPA-ENG-DAN.Time Line

I live in Brønshøj, Denmark. I run SGH Consult and I am a member of the Danish media cooperative Monsun.

Some core competencies:

    • Popular movements in Central America (extensive experience in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras).
    • Organizations of disabled people in Uganda and Ghana.Time Line
    • Organization and capacity building (cooperatives, popular movements, communities).
    • Participatory education, planning and evaluation (Appreciative Inquiery, Most Significant Change).
    • Process led project design & management.
    • People based writing to engage the heart and the mind.

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